My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

06/05/16–06/12/16 Pauline Niedermayer
Till Wittwer
Saturday, Jun 4
at 7 pm
Sunday, Jun 12
at 7 pm

A con­ver­sa­tion.

06/12 6 p.m. Lec­ture per­for­mance + lec­ture

Reg­u­lar open­ing hours.


In 2006, the plan­e­tary mnemon­ic “My Very Edu­cat­ed Moth­er Just Served Us Nine Piz­zas“ (its Ger­man equiv­a­lent being “Mein Vater erk­lärt mir jeden Son­ntag unsere neun Plan­eten“) lost its cred­i­bil­i­ty. “Piz­za“ stands for Plu­to, which was degrad­ed and trag­i­cal­ly fell from grace. Fur­ther­more, the illus­tri­ous soci­ety of our solar system’s plan­ets was reduced to only eight, and My Very Edu­cat­ed Moth­er Just Served Us Nine_______. The syn­tax was all messed up and we got con­fused as well. If real­i­ty is incon­sis­tent and lan­guage fails to grasp what’s going on, we must see everything around us as a pro­pos­al. The way we look at things, the way we move, the way we think – it’s all rel­a­tive. How can we still pre­tend to live in a sta­ble and coher­ent space-time? Time and space fold onto them­selves, they pro­duce holes to slip through when no one is look­ing. Trans­port is just anoth­er means of see­ing. Dou­bles, mul­ti­ple real­i­ties and time slips are total­ly around us like they always have been. Damn you, Ein­stein! Life was much eas­i­er with­out you.