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Edson Colon Aguirre
Hans Peter Ploner
Rebekka Kronsteiner
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A palin­drome is a sequence of letters, numbers or notes which reads the same back­wards and forward.

Palindromic sequen­ces are present in the struc­tures of bio­lo­gi­cal ele­ments (DNA), recrea­tio­nal mathe­ma­tics and many dif­fe­rent sonic com­po­si­tion tech­ni­ques such as Drone music and “Cut ups” (John Oswald on William S. Burroughs).

The biva­lent repe­ti­tion wich defines the form of palin­dro­mic struc­tures can be used as a kind of sym­me­try to esta­blish a common rhythm between dif­fe­rent states of indi­vi­dual and collec­tive perception.

Dealing with uncon­ven­tio­nal formats and spe­ci­fic mate­ri­als lead us to use spaces and sur­faces as an essen­tial medium in order to create con­nec­tion points between appa­rent incompatibilities.

The motion of crea­tion which gra­dually shapes the body of our works does not define a fina­li­zed aes­thetic but creates a loop among ideas, time and space.